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Earth Techno Corporation has been established in Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture for more than 50 years.
We have accumulated experience and achievements in the fields of geological survey, well drilling and disaster prevention.
We contribute to safety and security as a community-based geo-doctor that handles the entire process from investigation and testing to construction.

Office Information

  • Kagoshima Head Office
    26-6 Shinei-cho, Kagoshima-shi,
    890-0072, JAPAN
    Telephone number : +81-99-256-5167
  • Izumi Head Office Division
    5522, Shimomyou, Noda-cho, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima,
    899-0502, JAPAN
    Telephone number : +81-996-84-2331
Branch / Business Office : Minamata , Amami , Akune

Inquiry and Consultation Service

If you have any questions about our business, transactions or recruitment,
please click here to proceed to the inquiry form and fill in the required information.

Headquartered in Kagoshima, Earth Techno Corporation is a community-based geo-consulting company that contributes to the construction of a safe and livable environment with a focus on geological surveys, well drilling and soil tests.

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